I am walking, walking, walking at the moment a part of #MyMarathon for the British Heart Foundation and I keep seeing beautiful parts of my neighbourhood that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, take a look at this beautiful shot of pick dazzling on a grey and rainy day. I think… View Post

Image:  GoHaus If you’ve ever walked into a room and felt something was amiss but you didn’t know what exactly, chances are, it had something to do with color. Did you know that colors actually affect a person’s mood and perceptions? A room’s color scheme can actually make you feel… View Post

Hello – My name is Ali Clifford and I go by the name of @incredibusy, and I rather like the colour YELLOW. I think this colour penchant is quite a recent phenomena  – if you look through my instagram feed, it seems to be somehow dominated with brights, and spots… View Post

This week it is the turn of the very lovely Otilia to tell you all about her favourite colours Tell us a bit about yourself My name is Otilia Stocks – a Romanian now married to a yorkshireman and mother of two fantastic girls. I blog in a lot of… View Post