MiniModernsHello – My name is Ali Clifford and I go by the name of @incredibusy, and I rather like the colour YELLOW.

I think this colour penchant is quite a recent phenomena  – if you look through my instagram feed, it seems to be somehow dominated with brights, and spots of yellows – I don’t really think it was intentional, it just seems to evolved that way!
We even had a ‘sogoodineveryway‘ theme a couple of weeks ago! #sgiew_YELLOW click here to read about that.

Ali Clifford Britmumslive ringsWhen I was a child, with red hair and freckles, my mother would tell me, “oh no Alison, you CAN’T wear yellow! It just doesn’t suit you….” so I started rebelling… From my eyeshadow at art school (seriously, not a good look, like a gone-wrong watermelon) to the frocks I wear today.
I’ve all sorts of outfits, and accessories in yellow now, and even have a small collection of yellow shoes.

yellow shoesI’d LIKE to be maybe someone who wears more muted colours – I love the style of friends like Ali Dover – we have similar colouring (oh, and the same name), and she just always looks so fabulous – denims, and stripes, straight out of the Toast catalogue… I do try, but the wabi-sabi in me means I’m better off multi-coloured (and a bit scruffy…)

My favourite flower in the garden happens to be yellow FORSYTHIA – to look out through the kitchen window on a rainy day and see that Forsythia bush shining like the absent sunshine, really lifts my spirits too.
I’ve even started painting furniture in tones of yellow and grey, that combination really works well for me, you can watch me making some desk stationery below in some beautiful fabric by my friend Kate madebymrsm – (oh, and I appear to have a yellow telephone prop too… guilty!) And – really – you have to check out Kate’s hashtag – #100daysofyellowstuff


Rustic Chopping Board

And finally, I’d like to give a big shoutout to instagram, for helping me find my creativity again – after a long absence from my art school hobby of photography, I’m back in the game – finding the love of yellow peppers – probably my biggest ‘like’ on instagram to date!


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This week it is the turn of the very lovely Otilia to tell you all about her favourite colours

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Otilia Stocks – a Romanian now married to a yorkshireman and mother of two fantastic girls. I blog in a lot of places at the moment but my main sites are Romanian Mum Blog – and Gold Sprinkles –


What kind of colours do  you like?

I love all colours and this is why I try to implement as much colour as I can in my daughters life too. It is easy with them as they like pretty colours like all shades of pink and violet but also enjoy other bright colours like blue and yellow.



Unfortunately I choose to run from colour when I dress as I have the idea that black will hide my extra weight…I know now it is not necessarily true but I tend to go for black when I go shopping for trousers, leggings and skirts. Besides black though the other colour that I will go for when it comes to dresses for example is red! I know how extremes!


Tell me your favourite colour and why it is your favourite? 

I love blue! I always loved blue ever since I was a child and all my girls friends preferred pink or violet. So I go for it whenever I can – I have a blue handbag,  my first ipod was blue, I use to own a blue phone, I tend to buy the girls blue coats although they do prefer other colours, one day I would love to drive a blue car, the little wooden house in my garden is blue, I love all shades of blue shoes, even when I put on make up (although is very rare this days) I like to put a bit of blue in it. Blue makes me feel hopeful.

Thankyou so much Otilia I find blue hopeful too.

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I love instagram, it is a little break from my world and a peek into others and it makes me smile.

My own instagram feed is usually filled with kids creations, my baking attempts and a profusion of flowers.

Flowers have made me happy whole life through and have always added colour and scent to my days. Let me show you the flowers that filled my June and tell you  a little about them:

Our first sweet peas. We grow them every year and I just adore them . We give away bunches and bunches and still they come, so lovely.

I have been feeling a little down on and off  recently and every time it happens I try to focus on the simple things and see the beauty and sheer delight in them. Little daisies always make me smile.

Occasionally my daughter and I walk to school rather than drive and it always fills me with joy to stroll along the canal with her hand in hand. We need to do this more…look what we found on our amble.

These flowers grow next to our pond and make me smile at their determination to push through the dry cracks  in the rocks. I need that determination at the moment.

The pink lillies are about to burst and were a gift from a good friend I had helped out. Such a  lovely way to say thankyou and so perfect with the peonies.

These purple flowers are on a neighbour front garden wall. I have no idea what they are but they are oh so pretty.

Flowers really are rather fabulous aren’t they!

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Today we have Kirsty telling us all about her favourite colours

Hi, please tell us a bit about yourself

Hello. I am Kirsty and I blog about family friendly events and days out at The Mummysphere  I also blog about children’s books and play, crafts and activities inspired by stories at Read & Create

What kind of colours of you like?

I have always been drawn to strong, paint-box colours. I can appreciate the harmony and peace of subtle colours and muted shades but I am drawn to bright colours.

Tell me your favourite colour?

It isn’t easy to pick a favourite colour, as it depends on so many things… my mood, the season, the weather. I always come back to green. If I close my eyes and think of places where I am happy and relaxed, it is a green field, forest, path or garden. I love the deep green ferns in my garden, open fields of long grass, tunnels of luscious green trees. There is something plentiful and vibrant about the colour green.

Our garden is full of green. I love being able to look out of the window and see the frame filled with different shades and textures of one colour.

Green, My favourite colour by Kirsty Hornblow

This is a close-up of one of the ferns in the garden, outside the back door. They hint at the woodland and countryside not too far away and the magic I always feel in fern-filled forests.


Thankyou so much for sharing Kirsty x