3 Timeless Tips for Making Your Home a More Meaningful and Mindful Place

Today – 3 Timeless Tips for Making Your Home a More Meaningful and Mindful Place

No one wants to think of their home as being the kind of place that makes them more stressed and anxious. And no one wants to acknowledge that their home is either a cluttered mess, or some kind of clinical workspace that fails to summon up any kind of positive or life-affirming emotional spark.

All too often, though, people do essentially live in homes that bring them down and make them feel more depressed and overwhelmed by their lives, rather than less. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

No matter where you live, and what state your home is in, it’s always possible to make things better rather than worse, and to take steps to transform your home environment so that it becomes the kind of place where you can feel genuinely comfortable and at ease.

A huge part of achieving this lofty goal is adopting a more meaningful and mindful approach towards your home. Here are a few tips for achieving that.



Making Your Home a More Meaningful and Mindful Place

Buy traditional furniture and accessories

Tastes here may differ somewhat, but it’s generally the case that traditional furniture and accessories simply feel more meaningful and substantial than the latest super-modern, trendy furniture set out of the Ikea catalogue.

In one case — in the case of traditional leather sofas, hardwood tables, and so on — you’re dealing with things that entail a certain degree of personal craftsmanship. You’re dealing with materials and techniques that people have used, in a recognisable way, for the same purpose, for centuries. You’re buying something “built to last”, and maybe even something that already has a rich story to tell.

In the second case, you’re purchasing mass-produced, neutral, and generally quite fragile, material that has an aesthetic quality you like but that can easily leave your home feeling bland, clinical, and unoriginal.

Buying traditional furniture and accessories can just seem to make your home “come alive” in a genuinely meaningful way.


Go low-tech with some of your pastimes and tools

These days, we are all frequently distracted out of our minds by the myriad forms of digital technology that pervade society. Every home, more or less, has a big TV, a computer or two, or three, a few smartphones, an internet connection, and a subscription to Netflix.

One side effect of this is that we never really stop to pause and take a deep breath, and numerous studies have found that time spent online — and particularly on social media — correlates with increases in depression, anxiety, and so on.

One solution to turn your home into a more restful place? Go low-tech with some of your pastimes and tools. Play boardgames instead of videogames. Read books instead of watching YouTube videos. Write your thoughts in a paper notebook, instead of on a Word document. Relax and slow down.


Emphasise communal space in the home

Generally speaking, your home is likely to be a more uplifting place if you emphasise communal space in the home, and either make a point of interacting with your family or partner on a regular basis — or else invite people over to socialise.Eat dinner at a table. Keep your living room clean, and get the lighting right. Put up meaningful decorations. Don’t find excuses to keep yourself cooped up in your bedroom day in and day out.

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