5 Cheap And Easy Ways To Transform Your Bathroom

There’s nothing worse than an old, run down bathroom so if you haven’t given yours a makeover in a while, you probably should. The only problem with that is that it costs a lot of money to completely redo your bathroom so what do you do if you can’t afford it right now? You could always borrow the money but you don’t want to start going down that route if you don’t have to. There are plenty of cheaper ways to update the bathroom without having to redo the whole thing. Here’s how to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Change Fixtures

When you’re doing the bathroom, the most expensive bits are going to be replacing the bath/shower and putting a new sink in. The good news is, you don’t have to do that. You can just replace the fixtures instead. It’ll still make the bathroom look fresh and new, but you won’t be spending loads of money on a whole new bathroom suite.

Changing the fixtures can drastically alter the look of the bathroom and it won’t cost you much at all. For example, if you have a minimalist modern aesthetic right now and you want to go for a more traditional look, you could always put a clawfoot bathtub in. But it’ll be far cheaper to go somewhere like Tap Warehouse and get some Victorian style taps instead. If you replace all of the taps and the showerhead with more traditional looking ones, you’ll completely change the aesthetic of the bathroom without having to make large expensive changes. As well as replacing taps and showerheads, you can replace other small details like the handles on the cabinets or the flush on the toilet.


Clean Tiles

Often, a bathroom ends up looking dingy and run down because the grout between the tiles is picking up limescale and mould and you lose that fresh, bright feeling in the bathroom. You might decide to take all of the tiles out and start again, but most of the time you can get the same effect by just cleaning them up a bit. You can buy specific cleaners for the grout or even use a homemade mix of baking soda and vinegar. Strip all of that mould away and the tiles will look good as new and the whole room will feel a lot brighter.


Refinish Wood

If you’ve got wooden cabinets or wooden sides on your bath, they’ll get a bit worn down over time. They’ll end up covered in scratches and the moisture can cause paint or wood stain to start coming away. The good news is, that’s easily fixed and it’s not going to cost you that much money at all. All you need to do is strip the wood down and refinish it. You can go for a wood stain or you could decide to paint it instead. It’ll give you a completely new colour on the side of the baths and the cabinets, giving the impression that they’re brand new for a fraction of the cost of replacing them entirely.



Of all the changes you could make, painting is probably the cheapest. The paint in the bathroom is more prone to flaking off than other rooms because of all of the extra moisture. That means it can quickly start to look a bit rough around the edges. You might think that the problem is with the bathroom as a whole but you’d be surprised how much difference it’ll make if you just give it a quick coat of paint. It’s best to use specific bathroom paint which is more resilient to the moisture so you can avoid flaking again in the future.  Painting the room also gives you the opportunity to change the colour and give it a new look.



The average bathroom tends to be pretty small so changing the flooring isn’t going to cost you that much at all. Tiles can be pretty expensive unless you put them in yourself and vinyl flooring is prone to leaking unless you get the good stuff but even then, it’s still not going to cost you that much. If you’ve got a carpet in your bathroom, you can change the flooring for next to nothing. Just pull that carpet up and then sand and refinish the floorboards underneath.


Before you start spending all of your money on replacing the entire bathroom suite, consider making these small changes first. Often, it’s enough to make the bathroom feel new again.


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