5 Subtle Ways To Boost Your Home

We don’t always need to make big changes to our homes in order to improve the overall look and feel. Some of the most effective ways to nudge your property in the right direction take next to time at all; indeed, you can have a home that feels refreshed and like new in a matter of a weekend. All you need to is be committed to having a better house! Below, we take a look at five subtle alterations you can make that’ll improve your house.

5 Subtle Ways To Boost Your Home
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Add Greenery

If you don’t yet any plants in your home, then now’s the time to change all that. They’re a weirdly underrated addition to the home; they give a lot, and take next to nothing. To begin with, there’s the aesthetic appeal – they look good, and no-one disagrees. Second, they make the air cleaner, an important issue in a society where the air is generally pretty unhealthy. Third, they make us happy! Studies have shown that simply being around plants is enough to give our brain a boost. So if you fill your home with plants and suddenly feel calmer and more cheery, that’ll be why.

Small But Effective Changes

You don’t need to overhaul your decor in order to change the look of your home. The small but effective changes will take care of it! Examples of the things that make a big difference are changing your cushion covers (they’re best when they match the season. Yellow in spring, darker colours in the winter). And how about changing your internal doors? We walk past and through them a million times a day, and only subconsciously notice them. Check out the selection at George Hill Timber to find the doors that are right for your home. Another option is so simple it hurts: paint the handles of your drawers with a colour that’s different from the drawers. It’s a stronger look than you might think!


We tend to think of our home in terms of how it looks, but actually, how the home feels is just as important, if not more so. So instead of just trying to make your rooms look stylish, work on boosting the overall ambience. You can do this by changing the lighting so that it’s softer and cosier, and also adding a scent diffuser. If your home is pleasant for the senses, then you and everyone else is going to naturally enjoy being there.

Add Art

Like plants, artwork in the house is another thing that not enough people make the most of. It can transform a room! The key thing is to make sure it’s a good work of art, and, if budget allows, that it’s unique.

Rearrange Furniture

Finally, have a think about rearranging the furniture. We all tend to become a little bit blind to the layout of our room. Switching things around can make you fall in love with a room all over again. And no, you don’t have to point all the seating at the TV!


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