5 ways to introduce more colour to your home

As regular readers will know I do love colour and adding it to my home makes me really happy. It doesn’t HAVE to be bright and bold, subtly works well too and sometimes it is just the little touches that are needed though to add some warmth of a zesty zing to an otherwise minimal and rather neutral palette. Here are 5 ways to introduce more colour to your home to add just a splash and a dash without having to go full on.

introduce more colour to your home


  1. Fresh flowers – a bunch of colourful flowers or a bowl of vibrant fruit add life and vivacity to a room and give a lovely injection of bright natural colours. I always think home with bowls and vases of fruit and flowers looked well love and alive ( if you know what I mean.)
  2. Cushions. – My love affair with cushions continues. They are a speedy, simple and inexpensive way to add texture and colour o a home and you can dress a room for the season just by changing your cushions. For summer I like yellow, mint, light grey and white (in winter deep reds and dark greys.) Cushions are just fabulous – and of course comfy too.
  3. Painting your skirting boards. Oh, skirting boards are sadly often very neglected yet a  neat and well designed skirting board for your room primed for painting can be a real opportunity.  A lovely eau de nil cloured skirting board  with ice white walls. Just the perfect colour combination to make a home look light and airy. Or, maybe you want to to paint them black and go all out with monochrome. Whatever you do give your skirting boards some thought!
  4. Rugs. A beautiful rug on a smart rea wood floor always floats may boat and adds a much needed softer texture and dash of colour. I am not a fan of patterns myself but these days there is such an array of rugs on offer there will definitely be something for every taste and colour requirement.
  5. Art – Adding a beautiful photograph or piece of art your walls (especially a large dramatic one) will add an infusion of colour to your home and if your walls are white they will really set your art off and all ow to pop. Who needs fancy wallpaper when you have amazing wall art?

So really it is attention to detail that makes a house a home and allows you to add colour without it being overpowering.

What ways do you like to add colour to your home?



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