5 Ways To Mix Modern Home Styling with Victorian Charm

Mix Modern Home Styling with Victorian Charm

New builds really do have their place and are helping so many people to get on the property ladder. But there is just something quite charming about older homes (despite sometimes they can become a bit of a money pit). Which is why when you have an older home, it can be a fun idea to embrace the older charm that it has and some of its quirks, so that you are almost preserving the past and respecting the character of the home. So here are some tips if you have an older home, about how you can embrace the charm, but still have it as a great place to live.

Modern Home Styling with Victorian Charm


Coving and Sconces

If you have got some coving or sconces on the wall, and it is in good repair, then it can be a good idea to paint it a contrasting (but complementary) colour to what is already on the wall. When you do this, it really helps it to stand out and show off that older charm that it has. If they aren’t in very good condition, then they can quite easily be replaced, and then you can still paint them to make them stand out.


Sash Windows

Older Victorian homes will have sash windows as standard. But in order to keep the costs down of running an older home like that, then looking into sash window repair can be a good idea. You can repair where there are holes or draughts, as well as get them replaced with more modern sash windows (such as ones that are double glazed), to really make a difference to the look and feel of the home.


Celebrate Features

If you live in a home where you’re lucky enough to have particular features that you can embrace, then go ahead and do just that! It may be that there is some stained glass on a door panel or a stunning fireplace that needs some taking care of. These features can make such a talking point in the home, and give your home something really unique. So clean them up, get them repaired if needed, and embrace them.


Airy Shelving Units

We all have things that we want to display or things that we need to store. But sometimes getting big, thick shelving units or bookshelves isn’t the best idea. When you’ve got a home with some quirky features or interesting architecture, then it is a good idea to look for a more airy shelving unit to use. It can look really striking on the wall, as well as showing off the shape of the room, the structure, and the architecture.


Mix Time Periods

Don’t feel like you have make all of the home look Victorian or older in style. When you mix time periods together, it helps to make the home look more modern, as well as embrace the older. So don’t be afraid to mix up something more modern like a flat-screen TV, up above an older and more classic looking fireplace. Your home needs to be comfortable and practical after all.


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