6 Things You Should Know About Colour Before You Decorate

Decorating your home can be a lot of fun, and a great opportunity to switch things up a bit and stop them from looking too boring. However, choosing colours for your home can be a little difficult. With the pointers here, you’ll learn 6 things about colour that will help you to make your decision far easier:


  1. Colour Can Completely Change The Mood Of A Room

If you didn’t already know, colour can completely change the mood of a room. Blue can make the mood of a room pretty tranquil, while yellow can make it cheery and happy. What sort of a mood do you want to be in the room that you’re decorating? Think about this carefully and research the mood of colours before making your decision.


  1. Colour Can Make A Room Look Bigger Or Smaller

Using the right colours can help you to make a room look larger or smaller. If you have a very spacious room that you struggle to fill, using darker colours can make it seem cosier and bring it in a little. For small rooms, light colours will help to reflect the light and make it appear larger.




  1. Colour Can Help You To Better Emphasize A Theme

Depending on the theme you’re looking to go for in your decor, colour can help you to emphasize it. You can look at sites like Sacha Interiors to get a feel for how they use colour to emphasize a theme or mood. Country themes, for instance, can look great with a number of pastel colours. If you want a luxurious look, shades of rich purple and emerald green can look amazing.


  1. You’re Limited If You Want To Sell Your House

If you’re decorating because you want it to do better when you sell it, you’re very limited. People will not have the same tastes that you do. You may think that your funky new colour scheme is just amazing, but it can hinder your home’s ability to sell and even mean you get less money. A neutral colour scheme is always best when selling your home, as it allows the potential buyer to use their imagination and think about how they would decorate the house.


  1. You Should Stick To The 60 30 10 Rule

If you’re going to use different colours, pick three, and use the 60, 30, 10 rule. This means you use 60% of one colour, 30% of another, and 10% of another. This helps to keep things looking professionally put together with just the right amount of depth.


  1. A Colour Wheel Will Help You To Mix And Match Colours Perfectly

If you’re struggling to pick the colours that will work best together in your home, a colour wheel can help you to perfectly put them together. You simply choose colours on opposite ends of the wheel if you want them to contrast! Doing this can be a lot of fun and stop you from making mistakes.


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