Australian Renewable Energy Agency Enterprise Agreement

I enjoyed being part of the agency and found the work it does well placed between technology and economics. So it helps to understand the technical side of things and to understand how systems are powered by the economy. I love contributing to something I`m passionate about that feels like I`m making a real difference. At Clean Energy Regulator, our work includes projects across Australia and I take advantage of this aspect of “the whole”. During your final year, you work in three areas of our agency. By working in the business areas, you develop a broad understanding of the Agency`s work in managing climate change policies. The rotation structure also offers you the opportunity to network throughout the Agency and help you find the area in which you enjoy working with passion. You may prefer your second and third rotations. I graduated from the 2019 cohort, where a typical workday would vary greatly depending on the team I was placed in. In each of my rotations, a workday may include meetings, data analysis and audits and a summary of relevant articles and documents. This allowed me to stay on top of all developments in the field of renewable energy, which allowed my team to give insight to management. Although there is a relatively small agency, the Clean Energy Regulator performs a wide range of functions in different areas and therefore requires different skills. So I don`t think there is any limit in the areas of employment opportunities within the Agency.

I really like to remember my time as a graduate in the 2019 cohort with clean Energy Regulator.