Banish The Bland: Long Live The Bold

For too long we’ve been indoctrinated with the mantra that minimalism is best. “Long live the clinical!” they cry. “Starkness rules!” they exclaim. However, in the past few years, the dominance of all things white walled and sparse has been challenged by those individuals who crave a little more colour and variety in their immediate environment. People yearn for more than magnolia and crave to bring a little more richness into their lives. The interior design journey should be a personal experience, so it’s important that you kit out your humble abode to suit your tastes. Take a look at how you can banish the bland. Long live the bold!



Forget beige, cream and magnolia, and opt for something a little more vivid for your walls. You might not want to commit to all four walls of each room being a bright and exciting shade, but you might want to inject a little boldness into your decor. A feature wall is the ideal solution and can allow you to express your personality in your decor. If you love texture and want something tactile, why not opt for a flock wallpaper in your favourite hue. If you love patterns or you desire a mural to cast your eyes upon every day, check out the vast range of designs online and in showrooms. If you have a simpler taste and just want to see a shock of crimson, plum or teal on your walls, then go for it. Tester pots are cheap to pick up, and you can experiment before committing to a theme.



Your soft furnishings can be the ideal way to achieve a bit more richness into your interior. The variety of rugs for sale on the web mean that you could have a retro sheepskin design in your bedroom, a stunningly vintage geometric square rug in your dining room and an elegant Persian inspired design in your living room. Rugs can help you restore texture and colour into your decor.


Don’t forget to experiment with your drapery and enjoy selecting a variety of throws, cushions and blankets into your rooms. Texture and colour together can add to the richness of any interior. By mixing up patterns and styles, you could find yourself with a unique and eclectic home design perfect to suit your lifestyle needs.



Your bedroom should be the epitome of colour, vibrancy and texture. This is the room that is your most personal environment, for you alone to enjoy and relax in, and for you to have the decor of your dreams. Don’t go for the boring divan or wood framed generic bed, and experiment a little. Round beds can make iconic statements and hark back to a more hedonistic time. Metal frames are making a comeback, as are nifty Ottomans with storage in mind. Choose the chest of drawers that you love and don’t feel like you have to go for the wardrobe to match. Mix up your furniture of choice and enjoy the environment that you create.


Designing your home and putting your own stamp on your decor should be fun and exciting. Don’t follow the minimalist trend just because everyone else is, and enjoy expressing your own personality through your interior.



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