Brave and Bold Fashion Items for Men

Brave and Bold Fashion Items for Men

Don’t we all wish our other half loved colour and was as brave when it comes to fashion as ourselves? If you would like to transform your man’s boring gray and black outfit into something eye-catching and exciting, you will have your work cut out. Most men like playing safe when it comes to fashion items, and they settle with the simplest of outfits that match most of the rest of their wardrobe. If you are ready to make a start and help your man find his true style, below you will find a few tips on introducing color and sophistication to their wardrobe.

Shiny Leather Boots

If you are with a jeans lover, you will find it hard to get them to discard the item. They are likely to be wearing trainers with the jeans and an old T-shirt to express their casual self. However, you can help men make the most out if their denim by getting them some smart accessories. From a colorful collared T-shirt to a stunning belt and a pair of leather boots, there are plenty of ways you can spruce up the denim look and help your man look more stylish without changing their entire wardrobe.

Colourful Shirts

Brave and Bold Fashion Items for Men


If there is one item that can help your man look younger and even more stylish, it is a colourful shirt. The good news is that there are some modern tailored designs that come with fun colors and patterns, and don’t even need ironing. They can be combined with smart trousers and jeans, as well as John Henric ties for men . You can get collared shirts or even T-shirts with long sleeves and three top buttons. It will be a huge improvement after the old T-shirt they usually wear.

Tailored Shorts

Of course, you also have to think about the summer and the holidays. If you are fed up with the Hawaii colorful shorts they usually wear or the swimming trunks, you can get them some tailored shorts that are great for the shopping center, as well as the restaurant when you are on a sightseeing trip. Make sure that you have matching shoes or leather sandals to go with the shorts, and educate your man about the no-no-s, such as wearing socks with summer sandals and shorts.

Long Jackets

Men usually opt for the general tailored jacket when going out at night. If you would like to help them  express themselves and feel better without being restricted by the standard and the usual, you might get them to try some long jackets that will create a fashion statement with jeans, colorful vests, and shirts. These can also be combined with a funky scarf and a hat, as well as cowboy boots.

Helping your man find their personal style and feel good in their skin is a constant challenge. You will have to show them how much more they can express themselves if they add a bit of colour and a few unusual accessories.



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