Chicago Title Purchase Agreement

Real estate purchase contracts usually also include financing terms, which means you`ll get your serious money deposit back if you can`t get a mortgage. This is useful because most buyers can`t fulfill a home purchase agreement if they don`t receive financing. The agreement must be in accordance with the letter of intent sent to the board of directors and all the details must be the truth and the current situation of the company, otherwise the seller can be held liable for damages. 13.1. Acknowledgements. The Founder acknowledges that he or she has been advised that with respect to the purchase of unpublished shares, unless the Founder is submitted by the Internal Revenue Service and, where applicable, to the relevant state tax authorities within thirty (30) days of the purchase of the shares, an election chosen in accordance with Section 83(b) of the 1986 Internal Income Code; in the version in force (the “Code”) (and, where applicable, similar tax provisions of the State) which are currently taxable on a difference between the purchase price of the shares and their fair value on the day of purchase, the founder is recognized as taxable income in relation to the possible excess of the fair value of the shares, at the time when the company`s callback option on the purchase price of the shares is admitted to the founder. .