Clothes That Love To Travel As Much As You

Packing for travelling is a pain in the backside at the best of times. You would preferably like to take lots of items with you, but the more you suitcase becomes cluttered, the heavier it becomes also. In fact, when we’re packing for a our holiday and travels, we’re just taking the clothes we would normally wear anyway. That in itself is bizarre as we’re going to be doing things we don’t normally do. Walk for long hours, be in the sweltering heat, climbing up and down rock formations and mountains, as well be in the midst of a lot of people. Thinking of things this ways, our fashion sense or rather practical clothes don’t make a lot of sense when we’re going abroad. It times for a total do-over of the wardrobe regarding clothes that we can travel in comfortably.


Legging it about

When in doubt, go back to black. Places like Egypt and Morocco are some of the hottest countries in the world. Yet, for many Europeans, we see them as the closest African experience we can get and understand. The heat causes profuse sweating, so jeans are out of the question. Skirts are frowned upon in various Islamic cultures so those too are something you may want to avoid. Shorts again are like the skirt, but they will also end up getting you sunburned if you’re not careful. Travel leggings are brilliant for all three of these issues. You’re comfortable as they stretch around your leg shape and size, they don’t expose you to the sun, and they are nonchalant to the onlookers.


Protective tops

The tops we bring with us on our travels have to be two things generally. They have to be durable physically, and not rip or tear easily. And they must also protect us from the elements. When considering the latter, we think of rain and wind most of the time, but again the sun proves it is not your friend. Travels in hotter climates will always cause sweating. This can cause our clothes to slightly shrink overtime, become a little duller in colour and also, stick to us like hot glue. Alternatively, there are ladies tops that help protect from sun damage, absorb the sweat and also our odor. They also have a great UPF rating, protecting your body from harsh sunlight that can cause sunburn and even skin cancer. On top of that the designs are not bad at all either.


Flips or sandals?

Anyone who thinks sandals aren’t practical travelling footwear really should have told the Roman soldiers that marched 30 miles a day in them. But the modern question is flip-flops or sandals? Flip flops are more comfortable as they expose the foot and offer more freedom. But sandals can be just as if not more flexible, while protecting your feet. Either way, don’t bring your jogging trainers or normal casual shoes on travels. They’re weren’t made to walk across fields, desert plains, rocky passes and sandy beaches.

If you’re going to travel, do it right. Buy clothes that love to travel as much as you do. Don’t ever suffice with just what you have. Not only will you be uncomfortable but you’re probably going to damage your normal clothes. Buy clothes that have been designed with sweating, protection from nature and flexible toughness in mind.



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  1. August 27, 2018 / 9:28 am

    I think the roman sandals were a bit different from what we use these days…

  2. September 11, 2018 / 7:04 am

    Now my friends ask me why I always wear leggings? They’re so handy for me and my all-time-suit-for-all-kind-of-clothing. They’re my favorite!

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