Does Your Home Feel Personal To You?

Today – Does Your Home Feel Personal To You?

When visiting our friends, or when decorating our first apartment, or when being invited to a random house due to some form of life circumstance, it can often be that we come into contact with properties that have seemingly little character. Of course, this might be because the building is brand new, doesn’t quite adhere to your personal tastes, or is simply seen in the wrong light. However, sometimes it can be that a home feels… to uniform for its own good. We all know the cultural meme that every middle-class home hosts a ‘live, love, laugh’ sign somewhere around the place. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that message or reminder, if every single home you visit has this somewhere, an obvious product from the local home furnishings store, it can make you chuckle a little.

Of course, if you love signs like that, or any other decoration for that matter, you deserve to display it proudly. Adhering to some form of style through fear of looking unoriginal can often defeat the purpose in the first place. If you’re paying for your home, you deserve to enjoy your home and it’s as simple as that.

However, sometimes it can be that optimizing your enjoyment is simpler than you might think. For example, asking yourself if your home feels personal to you or not can get you started. ‘You’ might refer to yourself, your family, or even a blending of your interests. With the following tips, you will likely implement these ideas perfectly into your home space:


Does Your Home Feel Personal To You?


Does Your Home Feel Personal To You?


Celebrate your home, but most importantly, celebrate who you are. How does your home give you this feeling of personal joy? How does it adapt to your interests? Of course, just because you work on a cruise liner doesn’t mean you need to stencil large art pieces of cruise ships on your walls. But you may decide to bring souvenirs home from each country you visit, which may be many over the course of that year. Celebrating and caring for your interests can help your home slowly become part of you, and you part of it. For example, if you’re a music producer, you may decide to craft a beautiful studio space filled with excellent sound proofing, tiered speaker setups and MIDI controllers arranged in a fashion that makes the most sense to you.

Your home is almost always tied to your interests and desires, but only if you let them. Also, consider how you might influence your tasteful decoration without anything so intense as a large setup. A simple ornament, an outside piece of furniture, or even inspiration you have taken from another culture can help influence your design, even if that’s just a bead divider in your door arch. A home only feels personal when you feel most comfortable in there, no matter how someone else might feel about the property. Celebrating the most important things in life, such as using a picture frame set to display your family in your entry corridor can be a wonderful consideration to make.


Utility From Room To Room

It might be that you have a deep interest in art, specifically landscape paintings. You can’t explain why, but for some reason these images speak to you, especially those of local villages and those with which you can appreciate the history. However, filling your home with this artistic pieces of wonder is one thing, despite how good it all looks. To progress further, you may decide to explore utility over interest, or rather fuse the two.

If you have a spare room, why not devote part of it to your own paintings? Purchase a few canvas stands, a few palettes, an old vinyl player, sheets for the flooring and go to town with your work, even if it’s nowhere near good in the beginning. This kind of interest and exploration can go a long way, and give you the means to truly explore and feel excited. There’s something about creative habits that take place at home that can translate our most inner personality, and it’s not hard to see that the comfort and security of such a place can contribute to this through and through.

It doesn’t truly matter what the utility is. A meditation room, a yoga room, your own personal gym, a writing room, a professional office, or even a huge gaming room for the nerds among us, replete with a trainset can all help our homes become OUR homes, and no one else’s. Feel free to fully geek out with your chosen hobby. When you make friends in that field and invite the closest ones to your place, you can be sure they’ll exclaim compliments as they see just how impressive your personal dedication has been.



The exterior of your home can also be an important factor in how personal it is to you. Have you thought about celebrating the name of your house if you’re lucky enough to have one? Having a carpenter make a custom wood plaque can often look fantastic if placed on your front gate or in front of your door, especially if it has a view of the road.

Might it be there’s a particular tree you would like to line your garden path with, or perhaps a selection of vegetables you love and would like to grow, or do you wish to replicate, in minature, the smallholding you were lucky enough to grow up on? Might it be that you finally finish restoring that pool for summer in order to invite those in your neighborhood to a barbecue now and then, or are you hoping to maintain your garden well in order to purchase a climbing frame for your growing child as the months start to become warmer?

The exterior of your household, its utility, aesthetic and also navigability can say plenty for how much time you might spend there, or how satisfied you feel it as part of your personal care. This can all have a big impact, so be sure to invest your time and spending wisely. Of course, a minimal approach is absolutely fine too. What matters is how comfortable you feel there.

With these tips, you’re sure to ensure your home feels perfect for you.


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