My Favourite Colour by Otilia Stocks

This week it is the turn of the very lovely Otilia to tell you all about her favourite colours

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Otilia Stocks – a Romanian now married to a yorkshireman and mother of two fantastic girls. I blog in a lot of places at the moment but my main sites are Romanian Mum Blog – and Gold Sprinkles –


What kind of colours do  you like?

I love all colours and this is why I try to implement as much colour as I can in my daughters life too. It is easy with them as they like pretty colours like all shades of pink and violet but also enjoy other bright colours like blue and yellow.



Unfortunately I choose to run from colour when I dress as I have the idea that black will hide my extra weight…I know now it is not necessarily true but I tend to go for black when I go shopping for trousers, leggings and skirts. Besides black though the other colour that I will go for when it comes to dresses for example is red! I know how extremes!


Tell me your favourite colour and why it is your favourite? 

I love blue! I always loved blue ever since I was a child and all my girls friends preferred pink or violet. So I go for it whenever I can – I have a blue handbag,  my first ipod was blue, I use to own a blue phone, I tend to buy the girls blue coats although they do prefer other colours, one day I would love to drive a blue car, the little wooden house in my garden is blue, I love all shades of blue shoes, even when I put on make up (although is very rare this days) I like to put a bit of blue in it. Blue makes me feel hopeful.

Thankyou so much Otilia I find blue hopeful too.

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