Helm License Agreement

35 Floor, Central Plaza, 18 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong copyright@Helm.com or support@helmaudio.com Use the rollback helmet to easily return to an older version of a version. Services related to these conditions are controlled and operated by HELM Audio, LTD from their offices in Wan Chai, Hong Kong. To contact us, please email us at support@helmaudio.com or info@helmaudio.com. Everyone is allowed to copy and distribute literal copies of this license document, but the change is not allowed. These terms of use (the “conditions”) are a legal agreement between you and HELM Audio and its related companies, subsidiaries and divisions that may change from time to time (together “HELM,” “we,” “we” and “our”). These conditions apply to any helm website or other online or interactive service provided in the United States, Canada and Latin America (together the “U.S.”) and which contain a link to these conditions (together the “services”). This Agreement, along with the helmet privacy policy and the terms of any other communication or instruction given to you regarding this Agreement, replaces and removes all previous agreements, assurances (oral or written) and agreements, and represents the entire agreement between you and Helm with respect to the service and other matters of this Agreement. We maintain a privacy policy that defines Helm`s obligations with respect to personal data. You should read this directive on www.takethehelm.app/privacy-policy/. Your consent to this agreement is considered your consent to Helm`s privacy statement. 16.5 Miscellaneous. These conditions (and all the conditions contained here) constitute the whole agreement between you and HELM and reject all previous agreements between you and HELM regarding the object, unless provided for. You cannot grant or delegate these conditions and all the privileges or licenses granted in this case.

These conditions and all rights or licenses granted in this case may be awarded or delegated without restriction by the HELM. These conditions bind and bind to the benefit of each party and the successor and the approved beneficiaries of the transfer of the party. These conditions cannot be changed by an oral statement from a REPRESENTATIVE of HELM. These conditions have not been defined or created by an agency, partnership, joint venture or employee-employer relationship. You agree that all the agreements that you and we have entered into electronically are as legally binding in electronic form as they are in physical writing. If you use services for or on behalf of a government, your licence fee does not exceed the rights granted to non-government consumers. Section titles under these conditions are only simple and have no legal or contractual effect. Any provision of these conditions, which by its very nature is reasonably intended to survive beyond the termination of these conditions, has been maintained. Once you write the code, please sign your insurance to ensure that Helm complies with the dCO agreement used by the CNCF.