How to make dark walls work for you

My home has always been painted white as I guess I always thought living with a colour would be tricky. I also felt that white and bright would open the space and that any art works with white.

I do love my art.

In recent years I have become increasingly aware of how colour makes me feel and it’s power. I have begun to introduce more colour into my life especially with clothes but my walls remain white. Whilst I might entertain the idea of duck egg blue or a pale lemon wall, dark colours scare me.

Over the past year I have seen more and more interiors bloggers using dark colour paint to transform rooms and they are stunning and I am being slowly swayed.

Let me show you some of my favourite bloggers and their ways with walls.

make dark walls work

Jen at Love Chic Living has a great post on easy ways to rock the dark walls trend and as you can see her own living room is a fine example of it really working.

Over at Making Spaces blog interior designer Karen Knox makes a compelling argument for dark walls in her post Can dark interiors work in real homes?

I think you can see from her photos dark can really work and she gives lots of great tips and advice about using it. My favourite of all her arguments for dark walls is this:

It’s paint. It takes about two hours to paint a wall. If you’ve already spent more than four hours thinking about it, you could have tried it and painted it back again if you didn’t like it. End of.

Do pop over and have a read it is a great post.

There are practical  benefits to having dark walls too. Why not hop on over to #TidyLife to have a read and see how Antonia transformed this bedroom to a really lovely sleeping haven.

Kimberly at Swoonworthy created a handy flow chart to help you decide whether or not to paint a room a dark colour she’s clearly a fan herself as you can see from her own gorgeous bedroom styling

Now that is a luxurious bedroom!

These fabulous interiors bloggers have me sold that dark walls do indeed work. But oh do I have the confidence to embrace the look?

I think I had better have a go at Kimberly’s flowchart!


Do pin for later and huge thanks to Jen Stanbrook for the pin image and all the bloggers who gave kind permission for me to share their beautiful posts.








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