Primary Colours And Secondary Images: Making A Child’s Bedroom Ooze With Style

When you are decorating your own home, you can think a lot about your style and your own individual preferences, but when you are trying to make some compromises with your children, the bedroom is the place for them to express creativity and communicate their own style. If you have a child who is at the age where they know a little bit more about what they want, then it’s time to work with them on finding the right style for their room, but is also in keeping with the house‚Äôs overall aesthetic. What are the best ways to accomplish this?

Making A Child's Bedroom Ooze With Style

Find Out What They Want First

You want their room to be a reflection of their personality, and the best way to do this is to ask them what they really want. They may have an interest in travel, or they may like transport, or they are more artistically minded, and as such, you can bring this out in certain ways. Wall murals are one of those simple ways to show every visitor your child’s individuality. You can visit for a service that makes the whole, which can highlight so many different interests, from Disney, to famous landmarks around the world.

Colour Is Everything

Depending on the child’s own ideas about what they want, one of the best places to begin is to enquire about their favourite colours. If you have a girl who is mad on yellow, then you have a starting point in which to build around this. Yellow is a colour with multiple uses, and on you can look for yourself for colours to complement yellow. You don’t need to go overboard with colour. But, conversely, a lot of people, when decorating a child’s room, tend to go overboard with one colour. Instead, take the opportunity to subtly blend in the main colour and work with them well according to the physical setup of the room.

Making It A Little Bit Special

When we’re looking for ways to bring out our child’s personality, we can get stuck in the typical design trappings. For example, just going for wallpaper, or not being as vibrant with the colours. But it’s at that point where you need to ensure that your child is inspired by their room. You want them to get as much as they possibly can out of the space, and so, take inspiration from mural styles, and encourage additional designs, such as stencilling on the wall, or adding unique items to the room. Of course, there has to be a space for the child’s toys, but dressing up an ottoman into something a little bit more stylistic isn’t too difficult to accomplish.

The golden rule when implementing change in your child’s bedroom is that the designs have to reflect their personality, and therefore, their age. When you are dealing with a child who is between childhood and their teenage years, this can be a very difficult thing to get right. And this is why you have to work with them to ensure they are happy with what they’ve got. It’s very easy for an adult to take over and do what they think the child wants. But this won’t serve the child’s best interests, and it’s a waste of money!


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