Redecorating A Room Step By Step: Breaking Down The Process

The process of redecorating a room is always challenging. You have so many decisions to make; you need to find the time in your schedule; you have to balance your budget… and that’s before you’ve even so much as lifted a paintbrush.

If you’re a committed interiors fan and want to change the style of a room regularly, then you simply can’t afford a complex process every single time. In an effort to lessen the burden, below, you’ll find a simple, straightforward step-by-step guide that should allow you to complete a room redecoration with relative ease.

Redecorating A Room Step By Step: Breaking Down The Process


STEP ONE: Prepare your budget

To manage a redecoration, you will need to keep a firm eye on your budget throughout the process. The best way to do this is to set a firm budget right at the start, and constantly refer back to it to ensure you’re within its limits.


STEP TWO: Select your style

It’s important to select the style for your room at this early point, as this decision will influence a series of smaller decisions throughout the redecoration process. It’s well worth taking the time to learn about trendy design styles prior to making the final decision; as mentioned, redecoration is a tough process, so you have to be 100% sure of the style you eventually settle on.


STEP THREE: Place your orders

With your style and budget in mind, you’re now ready to place orders for decorating materials, new furniture, and decorative pieces. Remember to refer back to your budget to ensure you are staying within its limits.


STEP FOUR: Empty the room

While you’re waiting for orders to arrive, empty the room you are redecorating entirely. This is also an excellent time to declutter or move infrequently used items to your attic, so set aside an afternoon to ensure you have the time to manage this process effectively.

You may also need to “empty” the room of previous decor features; for example, wallpaper that is being replaced. Essentially, by the end of this step, the room should be ready to be decorated – an empty shell, just waiting for a new lease of life.


STEP FIVE: Decorate

You’re now ready to add new colour to the walls, apply wallpaper, install new furniture, and so on and so forth. This is by far the most time-consuming part of the project, but also the most important, so it’s well worth setting aside a block of time to focus entirely on the task.


STEP SIX: Fixtures and fittings

With the messy work of the redecoration complete, you’re ready to install new fixtures and fittings – for example, installing new blinds or changing the light switches.


STEP SEVEN: Add furniture and decorative touches

With the room now decorated, you can move your old furniture back in, and then integrate new pieces. This is also the opportunity to style the room by adding decorative touches such as pillows, ornaments, and scented candles.


In conclusion

By following the above steps, you should be able to speed up, and minimise the stress of, a room redecoration. Good luck!


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