Service Agreement With Bank

We will share information about your account or the transfer you have made to third parties if necessary to make transfers. to verify the existence and status of your account for a third party; like for example. B a Schufa or a trader; to comply with administrative or judicial injunctions; or if you give us your written permission. We do not disclose non-public customer information to third parties unless permitted by law. (ii) a description of the services; To participate in the ACH filter, you must use eCorp and have at least one account. You must establish and maintain a list of companies authorized to perform ACH debit operations (“Direct Debits”) from your accounts. You access this list of authorized companies online through ACH`s filtering service within eCorp and update them. If a direct debit is submitted to us for payment to your specified account that for one reason or another does not meet the set criteria, this charge is considered an exception. iv. Warranties. In addition to any additional warranties you put in the agreement, you guarantee us all warranties we have to provide under NACHA`s operating rules with respect to entries from you. Without limiting the foregoing, you warrant and agree that: Each party may, from time to time, indicate in writing any other address to which such communications, requests and other communications are sent.

We may also send you notices about changes to the Services by email, fax, eCorp or any other posting of such changes on our website. As soon as we notify you that a warning has been issued, you agree to assume responsibility for verifying the content of such warning. Your continued use of the relevant service, after we have informed you of the existence of a warning, is proof of your consent and consent to any information or changes contained in the warning. If you choose to ignore a message and/or not verify a message, but continue to use the relevant service, you are presumed to have waived your right to such notification and to have accepted any changes to the terms or other changes that may be explained in the warning. You agree to comply with all state and state laws, rules and regulations applicable to you, as well as your use of the Services (the “Laws”), including the operating rules of all systems used to provide services to you (the “Rules”) and to provide us with satisfactory evidence at our request. You unreservedly agree and acknowledge that payment orders, ach entries, and other services that you may not use in violation of U.S. laws, including sanctions laws administered by the Office of Foreign Asset Controls, and must comply with U.S. laws. You acknowledge and agree that the software you use to access the Services may be subject to restrictions and controls imposed by the Export Management Act and Export Management Rules. (ii) transmission of payment orders. Payment orders may be transmitted to us in any manner we have approved, including oral, written or electronic communications.

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