Sponsorship Agreement Holders Alberta

As we receive more information on ECAE sponsorship as part of the SAH agreement, we will complete this page. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC, formerly CIC) provides an overview of the different sponsorship streams and has a help centre where you can get answers to frequently asked questions. The IRCC has also published a guide for private sponsorship of refugees. It is understandable that sponsorship is sometimes stressful. If you are looking for ways to better help the person or family you are sponsoring, if you need a guide to establish a harmonious relationship between you and your sponsored refugees, contact:As sponsored sponsors of the sponsorship agreement with the Canadian government, we focus on helping individuals and other churches in Alberta to apply for refugees. Each year, the Canadian government provides the CAF with a number of refugee sponsorships. Places are limited and we know that the needs are important. Please note that our priorities for sponsorship in 2020 are for single women with children or singles. As a church, we also help refugees who have already been sponsored by the FCC when they arrive in Canada. There are so many ways to help us, from official details and financial assistance to English help, to creating new friendships. Together, we can help make sponsored refugees feel welcome and a little less overwhelmed.

Contact us to ask how you can help welcome FCC-sponsored refugees in Calgary, or mark “Refugee Sponsorship” on your donation envelope to help a refugee family financially. A Sponsorship Agreement Holder (SAH) is a registered organization that has signed a sponsorship agreement with the Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship. Note: We do not accept refugee sponsorship dates. Many organizations have signed sponsorship agreements with the Canadian government to help foreign refugees resettle in Canada. These organizations are called sponsorship contract holders. They can help refugees themselves or work with other members of the community to help refugees. The sponsorship agreement allows SAHs to sponsor a number of refugees each year for resettlement in Canada through the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program.