Telecommuting Policy Agreement

Telework is not designed as a substitute for adequate child care. While an individual staff member`s schedule may be changed to meet the needs of child care, the agreement must focus on work and meeting professional requirements. Potential teleworkers are encouraged to discuss telework expectations with family members before starting a trial phase. The employee declares himself voluntarily ready to work on the authorized alternative construction site listed below and to follow all applicable guidelines and procedures. The employee recognizes that telework is not a work benefit. Office and staff agree that the employee`s official hours will be: Staff understand that the job has the discretion to determine or modify the telework plan. The document below represents the telework agreement between the Employment Office and the (staff) agreement. This document is not an employment contract and does not change the employment status of the worker at his convenience. This telework agreement includes the tasks and responsibilities of the employment agency and the worker described in the Telework Directive. Individuals applying for official telework must be employed for at least 12 months with [company name] and have a satisfactory current account. [list here all the clear provisions of the individual agreement, i.e. hours, underemployment of office information, designated telework days] Employees are expected to keep their jobs safely and safely for their safety.

[Company name] provides each tele-shuttler with a security checklist that must be completed at least twice a year. Injuries suffered by the worker at a reception site and in connection with his or her normal duties are generally covered by the company`s workers` compensation policy. Telecommunications workers are responsible for informing the employer of these injuries as soon as possible.