Tesla Model Y Lease Agreement

There is another important piece of information to date. As with the Model 3, leasing a Tesla Model Y does not allow you to buy and keep it once the rental terms have expired. This is not typical of almost all other leases. The lease increases to $679/month for a Performance Model Y, with about the same amount to be paid when singing. The addition of full-free driving capacity increases the payment by $113; However, it may not be worth adding a lease, as many of these features are not yet available. If you`re considering a Model Y Performance, financing costs you around US$850 per month, while leasing on Tesla is $679 $US, so your monthly savings aren`t as good as if you opt for the Long Range model. YouTuber Cleanerwatt says the new Tesla Model Y leasing deal is a bad idea. It`s interesting for us because we think it`s a pretty solid option for some people. The agreement amounts to $499 per month for 36 months, with $4500 at signing. It`s a 10,000-mile-a-year lease that`s common for luxury vehicles. The upcoming configuration of Tesla Long Range Single Motor (Rear Wheel Drive) for Model Y is expected to make leasing more affordable and is expected to contain an EIA of about 45,000 $US, which would be leased for about 449 $US/month. On the Tesla website, the leasing estimate is 499 $US per month for 36 months, with 4500 $US due to the signature. This is the case of a lease with a duration of 10,000 miles per year.

If you opt for Tesla`s financing, you`ll see $699 a month for 72 months, with a drop of $4500 $US. That`s 2.9% APR. Remember that leases vary based on creditworthiness and other factors. Also, you can find different financing rates elsewhere. For comparison, the Lexus RX hybrid is due for almost exactly the same amount per month and at the time of signing. The Acura MDX Hybrid has a monthly payment of 419 $US and a maturity of 3500 $US at signature. You can rent a BMW X4 for $549 per month with $4,000 and a Porsche Macan will bring you back to $699 per month with $6,000. All this represents ~50,000 SUVs.

Know this if you think $499 is a good monthly payment for the Model Y $50,000 Tesla. Have you rented a Tesla? It is unclear whether this language applies to the four Tesla vehicles currently on sale. The blog reported that the tenants of Model S, Model X, Model 3 and Model Y all received identical emails. Unlike the other two electric vehicles, Model S and Model X owners have always had the option to purchase their lease. Tesla doesn`t have a PR department to make requests for comment, so we have to stick to a definitive answer.