Unwanted Visitors at Home? Here’s How to Make Them Leave

Sure, we’ve all sat through endless dinners with the in-laws before and, while it can be tough enough to make them leave as well, this isn’t the kind of visitors you can just kick out. Small creatures, on the other hand, that eat up your house, make noise in your walls, and even leave dropping all over your home can easily be removed as long as you know what you’re doing.

Unwanted Visitors



Here is a quick and handy guide to how you can check for pests at home as well as how you can keep them from returning. Having pests is a great excuse to keep those in-laws out of your house, by the way, so you can just pretend like you’re still trying to get rid of them.


The signs of pests at home

While it may sound innocent enough, pests can actually be quite a costly affair – especially if you don’t notice them early on. The sooner you’re able to spot the signs of these little creatures, the better it will be for your home as well as your wallet.

The number one sign of pests at home is, of course, droppings left around the house. It’s typical to find them in the kitchen or around appliances, by the way, as these are connected to pipes, outlets, and the outside world in general.

Laundry rooms, utility rooms, basements, and attics are also cosy places for pests as it’s rather warm and comfortable there. The garage is, undoubtedly, a place you’re likely to spot pests as well as their droppings as it is the closest to the outside world.

After the pest control has been to your home, you can prevent this from happening again by sealing the entrances to your house that are not necessary. You can’t stop them from coming down your chimney, of course, but you can keep them from entering through cracks and similar.


Unwanted birds by your house

Another typical nuisance in the neighbourhood is the noisy pigeon. Most of us might not mind the occasional pigeon from time to time but it’s an entirely different story if they start to nest around your house

You will definitely notice the pigeons or seagulls without much effort if they’re bothering you; hooting to each other early in the morning, ganging up on you when you’re on your way to work, flapping their wings right outside your window – and, of course, leaving their droppings everywhere.

By far, pigeons may be much more of a nuisance than any pest could possibly be. Luckily, it’s way easier to get rid of them and much less costly. Just call your local pigeon control and let them take care of them in a humane way. And, to keep them from coming back, you may want to ensure that your neighbours don’t leave their garbage around.

If you have a problem with pests but don’t really mind the pigeons, you could let them take care of the issue for you, by the way. Let nature do its thing and those noisy birds will eat the little creatures before they even have time to do much damage.


Now, you just need to hire a cat to take care of the pigeons when they start to bother you, and you’ve completed the circle.


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