Upgrading Your Bathroom Space With Colour

Back in the day, pink or avocado green bathrooms were part and parcel of bathroom design. You wouldn’t have seen much else if you were buying a home in the seventies, right? But then in more recent years, we have seen bathrooms go one of two ways; really minimal and monochrome (but basically white and light), or a blue and white nautical kind of theme. The colours that we use in bathrooms has become much more plain and subtle. But adding a splash of colour can really transform a bathroom. That isn’t to say that we should bring back the avocado bathtubs, but it is about time that we broke free from the staid and unadventurous bathrooms that most of us do have.

Bathroom Space With Colour

Adding in some colour to the bathroom can really brighten up the room, if you opt for a bright hue. We must remember that it is a functional room that gets used daily, by each member of the family, more than once. So if it can be bright in line with the rest of the home’s decor, it will bring it all together and look more cohesive. If the rest of your home is quite chic and modern, then you can still use colour to improve the look of your bathroom, so that it blends with the rest of the home, but still has a chic and modern look.


If you are looking at redesigning your bathroom, or simply getting some new tiles or adding a new paint color, then a lot of it you can do yourself. If however, you want to change the whole of the bathroom, then to make it quicker and simpler, it could be worth looking up a bathroom installer with good reviews to do it for you. Either way, you need to have your design and plan in place. So here are a few ways that you can add colour to your bathroom, to make it look like new, and how you can use colour to transform the bathroom.


Use Blue For Cool and On-Trend

Shades of blue are always going to look good in a bathroom. If your bathroom fixtures are white, then it is always a colour that will look good with it. It can be subtle and not too ‘in your face’. But we are seeing more and more of the micro-trend of ombre being used in home decor. So how about using it in your bathroom? With blue it works well as it could start of white or a very pale light blue, with it then graduating down to a much darker blue. Pale blues, and blues that are ‘sea’ blue, can make a room really peaceful and tranquil. So if you have a south facing bathroom, that gets a lot of light throughout the day, it would look good in it. You might think this can only suit more modern homes. But done well, it can look amazing in more ‘country’ style homes and bathrooms.


Metallics and Purple

If you want to have quite a funky and modern look, then metallics are a sure fire way of doing that. From shiny accessories to a copper bath, there are plenty of ways to add metallics into your bathroom. When they’re complemented with thick, fluffy towels, then it can be a comforting and actually quite a cosy look. Purple is a bold colour, but used in the right ways, in a bathroom with metallics, you can create a really chic and luxury look for your bathroom.



Go Green


If your bathroom is pretty much all-white-everything at the moment, then you can really make a difference by adding some pops of colour. And a really natural way to do that is to add pops of green in the bathroom. You could mix up the tiles to be white and green, or perhaps go for a bold green shower curtain or towels. Another way to add green into the bathroom in a more subtle way is with things like house plants. You can use them in the corner of a room to give a splash of colour, as well as succulents lined up on a shelf, for instance. This adds a natural look to the bathroom, and gives colour without you having to do a lot (not to mention, the right plants can help to keep the air clean too. Always a good thing for the bathroom).


Add Yellow To Monochrome


If you have a pretty monochrome bathroom at the moment, then it could be crying out for some colour. Adding some hints of yellow can give the room a whole new lease of life, and bring it back up to date (monochrome can quickly become dated if you’re not too careful about it). Zingy lemon accessories or soft furnishings can be good way to freshen things up. Yellow rubber ducks, yellow candles, yellow hand towels, and yellow toothbrush holders could be all that you need. So you don’t even have to spend a lot.


Statement Walls


If you don’t want to change too much to the bathroom, then adding a statement, or feature wall, could be a good idea, as it is pretty simple to execute, but can add a big difference. If you are lucky enough to have a large bathroom, with a dreamy freestanding-bath, then having the wall behind it covered with a luxury rococo-style wallpaper could be the way to add colour, and pattern, but simply changing the wall. It could give it a feminine touch, and change the look of the room entirely.


Likewise, changing the tiles, and adding contrasting tiles, can be a good way to go. You could use contrasting colour tiles in a chevron-style pattern for a feature wall. When you bring in the colour of the tiles into different ways, like towels and accessories, then it can be a good way to bring it in altogether and make the bathroom look more cohesive.


Are you looking to make any changes to your bathroom soon? Hopefully, you will add some colour.


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  1. July 17, 2018 / 3:29 am

    Colors really do help in a lot of things, don’t they? Sometimes, it’s just about choosing the right color palette 🙂 Anyways, thanks for sharing this Becky! 🙂

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