Usmca Agreement Chapter 4

Manufacturer A, headquartered in USMCA Country A, introduces non-native, carded or combed cotton, as defined at 52.03, for use in the manufacture of cotton yarn, in accordance with No. 52.05. Since the transition from cotton to cotton, yarn or crowned cotton is a change in the same chapter, cotton does not correspond to the current change in the tariff nomenclature of position 52.05, which is a change from any other chapter with certain exceptions. Therefore, cotton yarn made by manufacturer A from non-native cotton is a non-native quality. A change in sub-position 5801.36 of any other chapter, with the exception of positions 51.06 to 51.13, 52.04 to 52.12; 53.10 to 53.11, or chapters 54 to 55. 5407.61 of wires, with a rotation of 900 turns or more per metre, entirely made of polyesters, measuring no less than 75 decix, but no more than 80 decix and 24 filaments per wire of underposition 5402.44 , 5402.47 or 5402.52 or any other chapter, with the exception of positions 51.06 to 51.10, 52.05 to 52.06 or 55.09 to 55.10; For direct production workers, the average basic hourly wage is calculated based on total working time. For other workers working directly, the average basic hourly rate is calculated on the basis of the number of hours of direct production work. The sentence also does not include the hours of work of trainees, trainees, students or employees who do not have an explicit or tacit agreement of compensation with the employer. The specific origin rule of the schedule I product for ladies` blouses under sub-position 6206.40 requires a change in the tariff classification of any other chapter, with the exception of the positions and chapters under which certain threads and fabrics are classified, including polyester, lyocells and elastomen filament threads, and an obligation to cut and mix the product in the territory of one or more USMCA countries. 7304.41.aa Change in tariff position 7304.41.aa of subse position 7304.49 or another chapter. Manufacturer A, headquartered in a USMCA country, the original and non-native materials are used to assemble a set of manicures from sub-position 8214.20.