What Kind Of Style Suits Your Home Best?

There comes a time for just about everyone where they start to feel as though their home has become a little bit stale. There’s nothing wrong with it per se; it’s just lost some of the excitement that joy that you found in it when your first moved in. The response that a lot of people have to this feeling is that they assume that it’s time to move on and start somewhere new. And yes, there are certainly going to be times when this is the best option overall, but before you put your house on the market and start packing your possessions away in boxes, you might want to consider the alternative. Rather than moving to somewhere new, why not try to make some changes in the home that you already have. There are hundreds of different interior design styles out there that you’re almost certain to find something that suits your tastes and makes your home feel a little bit more exciting. While no one could ever list every single one of the styles that you might want to try, here is a list of some of the most popular for you to take some inspiration from when trying to bring some new life back into your home.



When you think of the rustic style of interior design, then things like country cottages and nature should come to mind. Exposed wood beams and other, almost fairytale like styles are the backbones of this kind of aesthetic. One of the great things about rustic design is that you don’t need to constantly worry about keeping everything as neat and tidy as possible. The truth is that rustic designs don’t lend themselves well to things like symmetry and clean lines. Things in a rustic home should almost look like they grew up out of the ground naturally. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think carefully about where things should go, but you don’t have to worry too much about keeping things precise. There are some pitfalls of this style, however. It can be fantastic for creating a cosy atmosphere, but it’s surprisingly easy for that to spill over into the territory of being cluttered. Make sure that you’re taking care not to fill your home with too much junk.



If light and airy is the kind of feeling that you want from your home, then a coastal style of design might well be perfect. It hardly takes a genius to figure out where this style takes its influence from. A lot of subtle, pastel colours and exposed wood help to give this style a wonderfully relaxed, beach like aesthetic that is perfect for helping you get away from the strains and pressures of everyday life. Of course, you might not have the access the kinds of exposed wood that coastal style homes often have, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the influence of that style into just about any home.



One of the most popular styles at the moment is an ultra modern, almost futurist style. This is pretty fitting in the modern age since we’re now living in an era where you can literally talk to a computer that is hooked up to your home and ask it to turn your heating on, run you a bath, and close the curtains for you. This style is exemplified by incredibly clean lines, a lot of glass, and very simple furnishings. Even things as simple as taps and kitchen counters can create this style. Check out this shop to see exactly the kinds of kitchenware that can help you create the perfect, ultra modern style that many homes lend themselves perfectly too. Of course, the kind of property that you have might impact how well you can use this style. After all, while an apartment in the city might be the perfect place for it, a cottage in the countryside might look a little bizarre with this kind of aesthetic.



What Kind Of Style Suits Your Home Best?

Bright colours and bold patterns abound in this truly fabulous style that takes a great deal of influence of middle eastern culture to create a sumptuous and luxurious home that is perfect for relaxing in. If you want to create a meditative atmosphere that allows you to escape your troubles while sipping on a cup of herbal tea, then a bohemian home is perfect for you. The key to bohemian design is comfort and luxury. Plenty of pillows, cushions and blankets can help to create the kind of space where, no matter where you sit, you’re always going to be able to relax. Similarly to the rustic style, don’t worry too much about keeping things neat. The bohemian style is very much influenced by the idea of living as freely and openly as possible.



On the complete opposite end of the spectrum to the bohemian style, you have Industrial. While this might sound like something incredibly dark and oppressive, it’s actually one of the most exciting and interesting modern interior design trends. When you imagine a super trendy loft apartment populated with artists, creative types, and hipsters, industrial design is exactly what you’re thinking of. Shop for vertical radiators, exposed bricks and piping, wide open spaces with hardwood floors, and huge windows letting in an enormous amount of natural light to help to create a wonderful sense of industrial style. Sure, not every home is going to be able to accommodate it, but if you have both the space and a home of the right era to do so, there is so much that you can do with this style to create an incredibly modern and exciting home.



This one might be a little bit more difficult to pull off than some of the others, but it can have a truly remarkable impact on your home. The idea behind minimalism is very simple and pretty obvious. It’s all about reducing the things around you to only what you absolutely need. This means that the ostentation and bold colours of bohemian styles go out the window, as do the natural shapes of rustic styles. Minimalist homes are all about clean lines, open spaces, lots of light, and zero clutter. The issue that a lot of people run into with this style is that it can be very difficult to part with a lot of the junk that we all tend to accumulate over time. Minimalism requires you to be extremely disciplined with both the way that you use your space and the stuff that you actually have in it. While it’s not for everyone, if you feel like you need somewhere to escape from the business of modern life, a minimalist home might be perfect for you.


Of course, there’s always a chance that you’re going to look at this list and find absolutely nothing that you want to use in your own home. That’s alright, after all, not every style is going to work with every home, and it’s all about finding a balance of what works with your property and what you personally like. But hopefully, at the very least, this list will have shown you just how many options there are out there for you to take inspiration from. And, of course, there’s absolutely nothing with wanting to mix and match different styles. A bohemian influenced home with a traditional European colour scheme could end up being something completely new and unique. Try different things and figure out what works for you. If it takes a little bit of time and experimentation to figure out works, that’s okay. It’s your home; it’s worth taking some time and effort to make it truly perfect.



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