Why It’s Not Too Late To Go On Holiday This Year

Why It's Not Too Late To Go On Holiday This Year

If you feel pretty gutted because the summertime is over and you didn’t get to do all the things you thought you would, then why not make time to do those things now? Just because it’s October doesn’t mean that your holiday has to be over now. There is no reason that you can’t be a little impulsive and book your cruise with P&O Iona, or fly to France and drink wine with every meal! The beauty of travelling is the fact that there are no rules. No one decides when you can go, and when you can’t. The only person that has a say over any decision that you make, is you. You don’t have to wait for the right time to come around that gives you permission to jet off somewhere nice – you make the time right.

The last thing that you should be thinking about is other people and what their opinion is. You do whatever you want to do, and if that means leaving the country next week and staying in a luxury hotel for the next fortnight, eating in fancy restaurants every night, swimming in the ocean every day, and being a social butterfly amongst the locals – then so be it.

In fact, it’s actually a rather genius idea to go on holiday now. There are so many things that change when the summer season comes to end. So if anything, more people should think like you and take matters into their own hands, regardless of what most of the country tend to do.

Here are some examples of why.


It’s cheaper

Are you aware of just how much the prices go up during the summer months? You may have a slight inkling that it’s more expensive, but do you know that it’s at least double the price – if not more? Airlines and hotels take advantage of holiday goers because they know that that’s when people get away as it’s the bank holidays and children aren’t at school anymore, so they know full well they can overprice absolutely everything, and people will pay regardless because it’s the only time they have. So when you choose a time to go away that is classed as off-peak, you won’t believe how much more affordable things are. So have a look online, you may even want to use comparison sites so you find the best deals on offer. You may even lengthen your stay considering just how affordable it is!


It’s quieter

For most people, they will go on holiday during the six weeks off, but just think for a second about how much quieter things will be if you do things differently. Children will be in school. Adults will be at work. This means no crazy flights that are cramped, full, and loud. No waking up extra early to try and get the best sunlounger down by the pool. No racing to get your towel in the best spot on the beach. No excessive waiting in restaurants for your drink order to be taken. No screaming children kicking up a fuss because it’s time to go to bed. Everything is quieter because you’re going on holiday at an uncommon time, so you can relax a little more and take your time – there’s nothing to rush for.


It’s all year round

Let’s not forget that you can go on holiday whenever you feel like going on holiday. As long as you’re willing to take the time off work, then there’s no reason that you can’t go any time of any month. Hotels don’t close – the season is never over for them. There will always be people that need a hotel, or an aeroplane, or a margarita. So just because a lot of your peers might still be grafting at work, and the kids are all in school, doesn’t mean that that makes it an inappropriate time to leave. And if you do have children of your own, you can either ask those wonderful family members to have them (Thanks, Mum!), or you take them out of school and enjoy some family time with them somewhere special.


So there you have it. It works out to be a lot smarter to go on holiday now, that it is to wait until next year. So if ever you feel as though someone is judging you – just tell them the facts – they’ll soon be hitting themselves for not doing the same.


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